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Streamlining API Automation with Node.js
and Cucumber: A Comprehensive Guide

Author: Sandeep Perera Date: Apr 18, 2024 In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, automation testing has become an indispensable component of the development lifecycle. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) serve as the backbone of modern applications, enabling seamless communication between different software systems. Consequently, ensuring the reliability and functionality of APIs through automation testing is […]


New Java language features worth checking out!
(2024) — Part 1

Author: Kokila Widyaratna Date: 02/04/2024 Photo by bluebay2014 @ Getty Images I started using Java in 2017 with version 8 where features like lambda expressions, stream API, default method, optional wrapper..etc, were getting a huge hype. I’ve been incorporating almost all those features during my day-to-day development work. Though I have been upgrading from Java […]


Java Optional Class: What And How To Use It Properly

The Optional class was introduced in Java 8 as a key element in the stream API. Let’s first understand the problem that was caused to introduce this class. The problem The stream API was introduced in Java 8 and I assume every Java developer has used this API in their datoday development. Let’s consider a […]


Embracing the Cloud Locally: Elevating Java Spring Projects through LocalStack for AWS Services Testing

As Java Spring developers, testing interactions with AWS services, especially within the context of AWS Lambda function handlers, can be a challenging aspect of our projects. LocalStack comes to the rescue by providing a powerful solution for testing AWS cloud services locally, eliminating the need for a live AWS environment. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll […]

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