We are a Melbourne-based nearshore software outsourcing company providing world-class dedicated tech talent and development expertise to companies listed in the Australian Share Market to innovative startups who are shaping the future.

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How it Works

The LMS is the front end of your Open edX® platform where your learners go to register their accounts and gain access to their courses. The LMS is accessed via web browser and offers a fully-responsive interface on all devices with a top notch user experience.You can fully customise the look and feel of your platform by editing the theme. Add your own logo, colours, fonts, text, images, and more.Learn from anywhere on any device with a fully-responsive design on mobile, tablet, personal computer and laptop. If you are hosting course for the public, you can attach search filters to courses so learners can search your course catalog with ease. Whether they are looking for courses with certificates, courses in certain languages, they can search the catalog for the courses they want. You can also develop custom filters that make sense for your organisation. Course teams can auto-enrol learners into courses if they want to make it easier for the learner to find their courses. The courses will automatically appear on their dashboard when they login, in order of start date. Front-end development essentially focuses and works on the visual perceptions of a website. It’s about the look, load time, pattern and functionality of the components of a website. Front-End is a mix of programming and layout that powers the visuals and interactions on the web. The talented Front-end developers provide turnkey Front-End development services whether you are planning to change the Front-End from older technology to newer one, for example Angular.
“Highly Scalable LMS For World’s Top Educaters”

Modern Feature Rich eLearning Platforms

Each learner has a social profile page where they can add custom information about themselves such as a profile photo, About Me section, their preferred language, and more. Learners can choose to have a full public profile or a limited public profile for enhanced privacy. Courses can be packed full of social learning opportunities and learners can view their classmate’s social profiles after enjoying public discussion forums together.
Learners can intuitively navigate through course content with ease using left and right navigation to progress through the units. Breathable design means less distractions whilst enjoying all the benefits of a feature-rich LMS at the same time.Learners can bookmark any unit and all their bookmarks can be found on the course homepage in one convenient location.
Enjoy a fully interactive video experience with configurable settings.Learners can enjoy their videos with or without subtitles.Navigating the course videos become that much easier with clickable transcripts to skip to any part of the video you want. There are many problem templates to choose from, plus you can configure them as graded or ungraded, set the maximum number of attempts, give hints and feedback, add randomisation, and more.Create custom assignment types such as quizzes, tests, exams, labs, or whatever you want to name a group of problems in a subsection.
Promote social learning with public discussion forums where learners and instructors can have open discussions on a per-topic basis. Instructors can moderate the discussions.Allow private group discussions by creating teams in your course. Learners can be auto-enrolled into teams, manually enrol themselves into teams, or instructors can place learners into specific teams.Your platform can be configured for compliance. Reach out to us with your unique requirements.
Learners have full control of their account and can even opt out of course emails.The platform has been translated into over 30 languages, let us know which languages you need.Arabic speaking users need right-to-left compatibility and we’re happy to say this is available.