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Blimp1-601x520 Virtual Mall - BLIMP

How it Works

B limp is feature rich virtual mall solution. Concept revolves around bringing brick and mortar shops and shopper closer than ever. Users are able to browse outlets and products via an app and a website. All the shops have their individual shop front. Shoppers can select products from multiple shops and place orders to get them delivered or pickup in-store. Innovative shopping cart enables users to checkout from multiple shops at once just like a regular visit to a shopping mall. Staff in the outlets can cater to upcoming orders via a vendor app and a dashboard.
In addition to ordering process, shoppers are able to chat directly with outlets, find deals, add to favourites and review creating a useful shopping environment for modern day shoppers.
Bringing shops and shoppers closer than ever”

Modern Tech Powering Innovation

Funds are collected from individual shoppers checking out from multiple shops at once and dispersed to vendors as a bulk payout. The vendors were also able to accept/reject upcoming orders and make refunds through the system as well. Each outlet required individual shop front within the system and had to maintain product collections. This required the database (MongoDB) to scale fast and also support fast product search. To optimise performance and to adhere to shopping mall’s customization requests the monolothic backend architecture was transformed to a microservices architecture. React Hybrid was used to build the App to increase the speed to go to market as oppose to using a native technology. Intuitive user experience design pairing with high quality frontend architecture was essential because of the complexities from creating a virtual mall experience compared to a regular eCommerce app. Cart which enables users to checkout from multiple shops in one click, category and product search from multiple outlets, chat, creative product pages had to be creatively designed and also frontend session data had to be cleverly managed to increase usability. Consistent availability had to be ensured (aws deployment set up) as its public shopping app and a fallout would result in a loss of thousands of users. Potential concurrency issues had to managed to avoid managing product availability and order processing.

The innovative concept of creating a shoppable virtual mall was intelligently architectured and implemented accounting to scalability, concurrency, usability and security by world-class engineers.